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iResearch health is a trusted partner for the complex clinical drug development journey required by multinational CROs, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

We focus on reducing the cost and time curve of drug development management in order to lessen the time to market of life-changing therapies that improve health.

Clinical Research Services

(Drugs & Medical Devices)

Protocol feasibility and design

iResearch health evaluate the protocol and perform feasibility that are accurate, comprehensive, and insightful. We are your trusted partner for our recommendations on geographical placement, protocol design, and operational.

Risk-based Monitoring 

Our risk based monitoring is designed for maintaining quality focused approach to monitoring through a defined and adaptive patient methodology.

Project management

Our teams of assigned project managers communicate project plans with defined activities and timelines per project, and focus on providing on-time, on-budget, and quality deliverables.


Biostatistics offers innovative clinical trials designs, accurate statistical analysis, reporting that take advantage of our in depth statistical expertise.

Clinical supplies

iResearch health provides complete management of medical and pharmaceutical supplies.

Regulatory affairs

At iResearch health we guide our clients through the complexities of regulatory affairs through continuous update of our regulatory network intelligence and close relationship with authorities, thus, maintaining effective assessment and strategies that ensure rapid and efficient project progression.

Clinical and Medical monitoring

Dedicated teams of professionals provide consistent and effective monitoring and interaction with study sites through their therapeutic, regulatory, and operational expertise.

Data management

iResearch health clinical trial data management team for Phase I-IV clinical trials across all therapeutic areas and quantitative methods delivers high-quality, cost-effective solutions to ensure the successful management and delivery of clinical trial data.


Our team delivers medical and safety services according to comprehensive, customized safety plans. We provide full safety management and vigilance of Medical devices trials. 

Medical communications

Our medical communications team is focused on improving patient health and providing high-quality, customizable programs that communicate essential product information to our clients and their customers quickly and cost-effectively.

Quality Assurance and compliance

Throughout the whole duration of the trail conduct, our teams of clinical quality assurance and compliance help our clients to ensure clinical trial integrity.

Feasibility & Patient recruitment

iResearch health is your ideal partner for feasibility studies and patient recruitment phase of a study through its strong relationships with investigators and sites, as well as its quick and smooth connection with patient populations, despite of the complex process for recruitment involving not only patients but physicians, sponsors, trials professionals and research staff.

Research Coordination

iResearch health’s Research Coordinators are experienced staff including pharmacists & nurses focuses on performing high quality site activities.

CRF and eCRF Development

We offer paper and electronic CRF (eCRF) that is either printed, optical, or electronic. Our experts design the CRF as per each protocol requirements in order to record required information on each subject in a clinical Trial. Through the eCRF, our clients will have access to their data at all times, the rapid transfer of data also from external devices, automated alerting processes, predefined plausibility checks, and the possibility to use the EDC system as an information sharing platform.

Vendor Management

iResearch health take the responsibility for the selection and management of third-party vendors in order to provide services such as central laboratories and clinical supplies. We carefully select these vendors and ensure that it works and provide service deliverables in compliance with the highest quality standards, that includes and not limited to biological sample laboratories, centralized diagnostic providers, central respiratory laboratories and others as part of the central laboratory services as well as import and export requirements of authorities across our territory and accountable distribution of clinical trial supplies.

Medical writing

iResearch medical writers team ensure to prepare clear, well-written documents designed to exceed expectations in terms of both content and formatting.

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